Curls Hold Magic Blueprint Digital Course for All Curls

How do you know what your hair is needing if you don't know what it is saying? And vice versa. For far too long natural texture hair has been marginalized within the beauty industry. But beauty professionals like Meg Conkling, owner of Curly Hair Alchemist Studio are bringing awareness to the curly hair communities. Tired of searching online and going down the rabbit hole to only being left overwhelmed? Take a sneak peak inside Curls Hold Magic Blueprint.

We are open with information because it's been too long the curly hair people have been in the dark!

Above you will see how we approach the tightest of textures. That is not the only texture we go over. In CHMB we also touch base on loose s waves, tight s waves, and several other character traits that make up each and every person's hair personality. The fundamentals of curly hair are nothing in which you are learning over the internet. Why? Because most hair textures are wildly misunderstood because they are based off of how the texture looks, not how it feels, acts or speaks. And let us tell you one thing, your curl's shape has nothing to do with what products to use. Still curious? Learn more by pressing the button below to read more!


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