Being curly is complicated but it doesn't have to be! 

Due to seasons, hormones, and minerals in your water, you will constantly be faced with new challenges. 

Your hair is what I call a shapeshifter. One day it’s one way, another day it’s doing something else. Do you know why that is? Because it’s part of your biology. 

  • How will your curls change as you age? 
  • How will you work with our curls growing back after a pregnancy? 
  • Why does halo frizz on that top layer still return?
  • Why does your hair still get dry after you’ve used all of your leave-in creams? 

The answer is unique for each individual's Blueprint. 

Learn your Blueprint 

Know Where To Go

Blueprints are the fundamentals of your hair's science and biology.  Just like skincare, you know where your skin is dry or oily. 

What the Blueprint offers is a plan for your curly hair regimen. Without a plan, you won't know where you're going. 

I have broken down each Blueprint into categories based off of their personalities:

  • Density and head shape
  • Water retainability
  • History in length
  • Curl Shape from roots to ends
  • Hair's history to current

There are spectrums to each category that need to be explained and this is done in a very simplistic way. A way anyone with curly hair can understand. 

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I invested in CHMB to get basic, go-to advice from the videos as a strong foundation of how to care for my hair, and to get the direct information from Meg in the Facebook group. It was important to me to have that access to a professional so that in implementing the information from the blueprint i could troubleshoot as i found what worked best for my hair and lifestyle. I love it, and I’ve never had better or consistent results!

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You're Ready to Learn!

Learning is your jam and you are ready to work with this program.  

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Not your thing? Looking for more customized information?

Perhaps a virtual consultation is what you are looking for. 

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