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These virtual consultations are a great way for Meg to get to know your hair needs. 

  • Post Salon Virtual Follow-Ups: Already left our salon feeling beautiful, but needing to touch base and get a quick re-cap? This virtual option is great for you to re-cap and getting back on track between salon visits.
  • Meeting Meg: Are you wanting to become an in-salon client and want to meet Meg before sealing the deal? Take a moment to say hi, she'd love to hear from you!
  • Get Deep with Meg; Tired of the Internet Rabbit Hole?: Although Meg cannot touch your hair herself, and truly feel what is happening on your hair specifically, she can definitely debunk some steps you may be overdoing. Having your pre-conceived questions will benefit you during this time. Ask a professional but don't have someone like Meg in your area, this is the perfect recipe to making your experience with your hair more successful. 

More information on each Consultation Option is available. Click the button below and see which one best fits your needs. 

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After ~20 years of relaxing my hair, I needed someone to help guide me on what to do with my hair. After reading reviews and perusing their Instagram, I decided to reach out to Meg and learn more about her. We had a wonderful virtual meeting and I felt comfortable and reassured that I could go on my hair journey with her.

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I love Meg. She is always on time, extremely professional, and personable. I really appreciate the fact that she also teaches me how to do my own hair in between sessions online. I learned so much from her. I highly recommend her services. It is well worth the cost.

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I shared a 30-minute virtual styling consultation with Meg, I cannot believe how many tips Meg gave me just in 30minutes!
She made it so easy to understand by her warm personality. Money really well spent. Thanks Meg x

3 Easy Steps

  1. Read up and see which one suits your needs, because what's most important is choosing the session that is aligned with why you are coming to Meg for her expertise.
  2. Pssst.. it's super easy to schedule online. Simply choose a date/time that works for you within the options offered, and opt-in for your very own conversation video meeting with Meg.
  3. Once you completed your appointment, our automated service will prompt you of what comes next.

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I look forward to getting nerdy with you. -xo Meg

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